Lexco is a dedicated branding agency specializing in website solutions for both individual and commercial brands.

Lexco was founded on 5 principles that govern every fiber of our being.


Lexco’s main goal is to help

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We help our clients, help our team members, help our community. The best way we can do this is by bringing useful value to every interaction we have. Our goals aren’t shaped by ‘annual revenue’ or ‘profits and losses’. Our goal is, and will always
be, to use our platform and expertise to change the world for the better. We promise to leverage our unique experience and expertise to bring unparalleled value every single day.


We encourage our team to find new and creative ways of doing things, even if they are outside-the-box

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The more effective your SEO strategy, the better you will rank on SERPs. The better you rank on SERPs the more website traffic you gain from prospects searching for your services. This leads to a constant, qualified stream of potential clients.
People search regularly for all kinds of professional services, and lacking a comprehensive SEO strategy means missing out on many potential clients.


We don’t believe in participation trophies

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We believe in always giving your best effort; however, the bottom line is that our clients want to see results. We put a premium focus on doing whatever it takes to reach our client’s goals and objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible.
We strive to provide the best ROI possible, and expect our clients to hold us accountable for doing so.


We believe that a company is only as strong as the people who run it

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We only hire people who embrace positivity, exude a strong work ethic, and believe in putting our customers first. We believe a positive culture is the most important component of a successful, winning team. We promise to continue hiring and partnering with the best people our industry has to offer, with the objective of offering top-notch service to our clients and community every single day.


Positivity is our religion.

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Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm, and we know that in order to maximize our client’s experience, we have to love what we do. We promise to remain positive and upbeat in all business dealings while embracing all challenges
and outcomes, be they positive or negative.


Alex Granger

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, Alex is a graduate of Christopher Newport University, now residing in Baltimore, Maryland. A former college basketball player, Alex’s background is in Sales and Marketing.

His first career was as a Business Consultant with a Fortune 300 company, where he worked with over 100 accounting firms to improve back-office processes for their clients. In this role, Alex discovered that many of the small businesses he worked with didn’t have a website. Alex was inspired to co-found Lexco in an effort to help these businesses increase visibility with their target audience and improve their online presence. He taught himself to develop websites and hasn’t looked back since.

Alex’s ultimate goal is to continue helping brands strengthen their web presence and achieve their desired objectives. He wants to help business owners understand the importance of having an effective web presence and simplify the burden of understanding the internet.

Luc Atangana

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Also a former college basketball player, Luc is originally from Cameroon, now residing in Fairfax, Virginia. He graduated from Christopher Newport University with a B.S. in Psychology and is now an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, and Blogger.

Luc has been a lifelong Entrepreneur, owning multiple successful businesses and quite successfully helping other businesses succeed. He is an expert web developer, experienced in HTML, SEO, and App creation. His role with Lexco is to help connect clients with their target audience using creative SEO techniques, implementing marketing campaigns crafted specifically for the needs of the client. He also utilizes his web design skills to create attractive brands for our clients to help them build consumer trust and loyalty.

Luc is the epitome of Lexco’s vision, which is to provide unparalleled value in marketing to as many professional service businesses as we can.

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